About us

Faith Property Services founded by Joseph Trihan in 2008. We have been recognised well and praised by our clients.

But that kind of success does not come by, just when you sit idly or do not have strict work ethic principles being put into practice…

These three have proven to:
  • Earn our clients’ trust
  • Build our reputation
  • Attract thousands of individuals and businesses, all of whom (98%) have successfully dealt with property maintenance requirements with our timely and diligent help…
We’ve always cherished the three pillars which our company has always stood upon:
  • A Commitment to Excellence
  • A Passion to make a better world
  • An urge for fair pricing

Why choose us:

Faith Property Services

Faith Property services offers a flexible home cleaning services at an affordable price, based on a no-obligation free estimate carried out in your home. Uniformed, fully insured staff work in teams to maximize the efficiency of cleaning your home.  Our staff will arrived with all the equipment and supplies with them…

Customer reviews

At Faith Property Services, we provide an excellent customer service and the fact is no one clean as the same we deliver our services. We understand that every home and customer needs are different, so we ensure that we provide a flexible cost efective services that fit in your requirements. But don’t just take our word for it, click here to see what our customer reviews and here it from the people who really matter.

Our prices

Faith property services is unlike most other cleaning companies, as we don’t work for an hourly rate we tailored our prices according to individual needs, following a free, no obligation home estimate. That is due to the simple fact, that in our opinion, a decent cleaner should charge a price that is nation-wide affordable!

Are you a friendly motivated person who enjoys cleaning and always takes pride in their work? Then join our team at Faith Property Services!



the most popular questions

Q: Do you provide no obligation free quote?


We understand how much of a thought should one give before making that final decision of hiring a maintenance service…

That is why our quote was, is and will always remain to be FREE of charge without any obligations.



Q: How will I be kept informed throughout the whole process?


A: We value the huge importance of communication and we always keep the transparency between our expert team and our customers.


Q: What will the maintenance service cost?


A: The cost is depend on the standard of your property. That’s why our expert team of surveys’ come to your place and provide you with options without charging anything from you.


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