After Builder Cleaning

After Builders Cleaning

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Faith Property Services provides the best cleaning care to your buildings whether old or new, we are specialized in building maintenance and provide good customer services.

One thing we should have in mind when it comes to cleaning of buildings is that all buildings, whether they are new or old, collect dust and dirt, causing health issues to occupants of the house in the process. From individual properties to large housing developments, refurbished hotels, leisure centers, spas, shopping centers, retail, business and industrial parks, building cleaning Services the number one and most important thing to do; therefore it needs to be done properly because none of the centers listed above will function properly when the building is dirty. A Builders Clean is a term that is used to describe a thorough deep cleaning of all areas both hidden and visible to a new development or refurbishment. Some of the areas that need special attention in building cleaning whether it’s a new building or renovated building are;

  • Bathroom
  • Toilets
  • Kitchen

Bathrooms: there is no way we can talk about builders without talking about room cleaning, this is one of the most important part in a building whether old or new building; it is important to keep clean and safe because everyone who stays in the house uses the bathroom. Cleaning the bathroom is not as difficult or time-consuming as you might think! You will need to use different strategies and cleaning materials for the different fixtures and areas of your bathroom, but you don’t need many products to make your bathroom sparkle. Deal with each area separately to make sure that every section is clean and tidy.

Toilets: this is another aspect we can’t do without that needs proper care and attention. The toilet must be thoroughly clean because you can get diseases from the toilet easily if it is not properly taken care of, Toilet cleaning can be easy with the right materials. Equip yourself with a toilet brush, some rubber gloves, a liquid or powder-based toilet cleaner, a cleaning sponge, and some disinfectant spray, and let’s get down to business.

Kitchen: another important aspect of builders cleaning whether old or new building is the kitchen, being that this is where all the cooking in the house is done; it needs proper maintenance because failure to do so will make the occupants of the building to fall ill. If you work in the food preparation industry you will be no doubt be well aware of the stringent rules and legislation governing the condition your kitchen must be kept in.  FDA Food Code, Food Hygiene and Safety state law is regulated by state and local health department – it goes into great detail about the proper maintenance of your kitchen but maintaining the best standards can be difficult, especially when you have people in your home.

Building cleaning usually occurs in two stages with the thorough removal of all builder associated debris and then finished off with a final sparkle Clean; The Sparkle Clean usually takes place immediately prior to the handover from Construction Company to owner.

Sparkle clean: A Sparkle Clean is a term used to describe the final stage of the handover of a building cleaning and removing any additional finger marks and resettled dust, after snagging works are completed and all trades are off site, leaving the site totally free of dust and debris. The reason for sparkle clean is because this is where you get the wow factor as the vision is finally realized and your project changes from a building site to a place that is truly “sparkle” clean and ready for occupation.

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