Commercial Property Maintenance Services

Commercial Property Maintenance Services

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Faith Property Services commercial cleaning service is used widely by companies who carry out cleaning jobs on different premises, commercial cleaning as the name implies simply involves cleaning of offices and commercial buildings. Commercial cleaners use very efficient cleaning equipment and procedures which are designed for large commercial or public spaces. The machines that commercial cleaners use are powerful machines; they are quite expensive and very effective.

Our commercial cleaning service team uses techniques that comply with special health and safety standards of certain environments for example hospitals and restaurants. They must be cleaned to a very high standard that is typically beyond what a person does in their own home. Commercial cleaning services tend to operate in off-peak hours, because they are cleaning commercial spaces when they aren’t being used. Below are some of the locations that use commercial cleaning which are;

  • shopping centers
  • banks
  • restaurants
  • hospitals
  • supermarkets
  • schools

Shopping centers

When the shopping center is open to the public, maximum attention needs to be paid to providing a clean and safe environment. For example, waste bins can fill quickly, thousands of people can use the toilets within a short period of time, and spills can occur frequently making the environment unsafe to the public. Often, managing the cleaning of a shopping center requires a cleaner to be on site for a large percentage of the time, and these cleaners are briefed on managing the risk of falls and hazards, and maintaining a clean presentation of the center. Once the shopping center closes the real cleaning process takes place with specialist equipment such as auto scrubbers, duplex machines, polishers, and steam cleaning.


Commercial cleaning service in banks is very necessary because the banking world is competitive and fast-paced and customers often struggle to see the real benefit of one bank to another and cleaning is done frequently reason being that it is a public/commercial center.


When it comes to commercial cleaning in restaurants, no type of cleaning is as physically demanding and crucial to a business’s success than the sanitation, maintenance, and cleaning of a restaurant. If the highest standards aren’t met, it could mean violations of health-code law, customers could get sick, or employees could be seriously injured. When running a restaurant, cleaning is the first thing that comes to your mind because a safe and clean environment attracts customers.


Considering the fact a hospital has to do with the healthcare of public, it is required that proper cleaning be done on a regular basis. A professional cleaning service is crucial to all hospitals and medical facilities. For hospitals, patient care is first priority, however, even the best doctors and nurses will have problems providing optimal healthcare if the hospital itself isn’t properly maintained by its cleaning service provider.


Generally school is a school is a place where parents send their children with the hope and intention of seeing their children master subjects and learn proper etiquette. Impressing parents involves a lot more than just meeting the staff and knowing they are professional and well qualified. The environment where the children would spend most hours of their day is a major concern all parents have. They need to see that the place has high standards in terms of cleanliness and that the student will remain safe and healthy.

We combine our experience, enthusiasm, challenging approach, robust systems and comprehensive management information reporting to offer a distinct and consistent quality service that particularly suits an aggressive, commercial and fast-paced environment. Our aspiration to achieve service excellence drives us to innovate.

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